Who We Serve

Our Students

Newmark K-8 School and Newmark High School are state-approved, private schools serving children living with autism spectrum disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, attention issues and other developmental disabilities.

Our students flourish in a nurturing, highly structured educational environment as they develop and learn the coping skills to become independent, productive adults.


Our Parents

Parents are vital to the academic, social and behavioral success of our students. Working in collaboration with parents we offer training workshops and guidance on how they can best help prepare their child for the next phase of their lives. Transitioning students is a significant focus of Newmark and will include parents every step of the way. Whether by preparing for high school, college, work life or returning to district Newmark establishes strong protocols to ensure student future success.




Our School Districts

We work closely with over 65 local school districts in New Jersey to best serve their special needs students.  Students come from Essex, Union, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, Ocean and Hunterdon counties, and represent a varied demographic and socio-economic base.


Great seal of the state of New Jersey


Our Education Community

As leaders working with children with behavioral disorders, we strongly feel it is our responsibility to share the benefits of our experience by training other professionals in our unique teaching model that has proven to be remarkably successful.

We understand that every child may experience some emotional, social and/or behavioral issues. Most of these issues can be addressed by the professionals within their school district. Sometimes, however, a student’s behavior is so troublesome that district personnel need outside consultants to advise, instruct, develop programs and behavior plans to address this child’s needs.

The Teacher Training Institute was developed so that teachers and paraprofessionals can come to learn the Newmark Education proven methods for educating children with behavioral disorders.

As part of our commitment to developing future leaders in education, we maintain strong partnerships with Seton Hall University, Rutgers University and Kean University to provide meaningful learning experiences for student teaching as well as internship programs.




Our Supporters

Thanks to the generosity of Newmark Friends, Family and Foundations, we are able to provide important social skill building programs through annual fundraising efforts.  The NextMark Foundation was established to ensure that all our school fundraising goes directly to support the students and programs at Newmark and used for the purposes intended.  This will help us to be good stewards of these investments and make sure that all contributions benefit our Newmark students. 


Students at Newmark


Newmark has a unique and creative teaching style, an extraordinary amount of love, caring and respect for both the kids and their parents.  

-Newmark Parent