Our Team

Executive and Leadership Team


The Newmark Executive and Leadership team come from many backgrounds with extensive educational experience and a strong dedication to serving children living with special needs. 


Meet the Team


Dr. Regina M. Peter

Founder/Executive Director

B.S., College of New Jersey

M.A., New Jersey City University

Ed.D., Seton Hall University

Dr. Regina M.  Peter serves as the Co-Executive Director of Newmark Schools. Dr. Peter is responsible for developing and implementing day-to-day management of both the elementary and high school. She supervises a staff of 75 educators, develops curriculum, monitors academic and social/emotional achievement of each student, and oversees all fiscal and facility management of the schools. 

Cynthia Allman

Executive Director/Founder

B.A., Seton Hall University

Cynthia Allman serves as the Co-Executive Director of Newmark Schools.   Ms. Allman is responsible for student admissions, major gift contributions and professional development outreach.   She provides critical teacher training and professional development for public school teachers in the areas of children’s mental health issues and effective behavioral modification in the classroom.

Gina M. Borea

Principal, Newmark K-8 and High School

B.A., Caldwell University

M.A. (Special Education), New Jersey City University

M.A. (Education Administration), New Jersey City University

Ms. Borea serves as Principal at Newmark K-8 and High School. In addition to the commitment of improving student performance, she focuses on curriculum development and instructional improvement. She has extensive experience in education as a vice principal, supervisor, counselor and classroom teacher.

Cathleen M. George, LCSW

Supervisor of Counseling Services

B.S., Caldwell University

M.S.W., Fordham University

Cathleen George serves as the Supervisor of Counseling Services of Newmark Schools. Ms. George is responsible for leading the counseling team at Newmark and collaborating with all related service professionals to coordinate clinical services.  In addition, she provides direct counseling services and designs and delivers training to the Newmark staff on mental health issues and shaping student behavior.

Thomas J. Beese

Supervisor of Transition Services

B.A., William Paterson College

M.A., William Paterson College

Mr. Beese serves as the Transition Supervisor of Newmark High School. Mr. Beese is responsible for the development and oversight of individual student transition plans and assessments. He is actively involved in Newmark’s delivery of transition program offerings as well as parent education.

Brian Kraminitz

Supervisor of Transportation and Student Activities

B.A., Pace University

M.S., Pace University

Ed.S., Seton Hall University

Brian Kraminitz serves as the Supervisor of Transportation and Student Activities.  He is responsible for Transportation and Activities for the Newmark Schools.  He is also a Debriefing Intervention Counselor for the high school.  Mr. Kraminitz coordinates busing with local municipalities and vendors at the elementary and high school and directly facilitates daily student arrival and departure.  In addition, Mr. Kraminitz supervises all extracurricular organizations and activities.

Cristin Keegan 

Supervisor of Planning/Research & Evaluations 

B.S., College of New Jersey 
M.A., University of Phoenix 

Cristin Keegan serves as the Supervisor of Planning/Research and Evaluations for Newmark Schools. Ms. Keegan is responsible for reviewing Individualized Education Plans for all students and coordinating state and school-wide assessments such as the NJSLA and NWEA. Ms. Keegan also provides ongoing professional development for staff in the areas of PowerSchool, EdModified and Frontline IEP Direct.  

Eileen Carroll BSN, RN, CSN

School Nurse

B.S.N., Seton Hall University College of Nursing

C.S.N., Seton Hall University College of Nursing

Eileen Carroll is the school nurse for Newmark K-8 and Newmark High School. She is responsible for the health and safety of our 170 students as well as 75 staff members. She provides health screening yearly on all our students as well as their daily medical and emotional needs. Her triage experience keeps everyone here at Newmark feeling safe.

Sandra Vollero-Levy

Director, Communication & Special Projects

B.S., Seton Hall University

M.A., Montclair State University

Sandra Vollero-Levy manages the day-to-day communication for both Newmark K-8 and High School, focusing on parent outreach, website management, as well as fundraising and other projects.