Our History


In 1997, Newmark founders Dr. Regina M. Peter and Ms. Cynthia Allman met while working at a school in Northern New Jersey. These education professionals recognized that they both had a passion to provide a more progressive education in a nurturing environment for the same kind of students they serve today; amazingly kind, smart, capable and fun! 

Ribbon cutting ceremony with founders.


After two years of planning, Dr. Peter and Ms. Allman opened the Newmark School (K-8) in 2001 with 32 students in a leased school building located in Plainfield, NJ.  The school was founded on a single premise - if students who struggled to learn were given a highly structured, organized, and nurturing environment, they would thrive. Their mission became to develop a highly trained staff that would meet the social, emotional and academic needs of students, and provide a superior learning experience.

Based on the success of the Newmark K-8 School, school districts and parents requested that a high school program be opened to continue on their children’s educational achievement. With the same passion and determination, the Newmark High School was founded to provide it’s 8th grade graduating class a program that matched their desire to learn and valued their potential to become independent, productive members of the adult community.

Newmark K-8 School in Plainfield and Newmark High School in Carteret soon outgrew the capacity of the two school locations and a new dream was formed.  Bringing both schools on one campus which would allow for greater professional development of staff as well as more enriching educational experiences for students.   Dr. Peter and Ms. Allman’s vision was to create a 21st century, state-of-the-art facility with modern amenities which would allow students to access the curriculum using high level critical thinking skills in a multi- sensory approach.

In 2010, they shared this vision with Duncan and Alison Niederauer and a group of other highly committed supporters.  With their support, a $10 Million Destination of Promise Capital Campaign was launched and the dream to build a 21st century facility for students with special needs was underway.

In Fall 2013, Newmark opened a state-of-the-art educational facility in Scotch Plains, NJ, bringing both Newmark K-8 and High School together on a 5-acre campus.  Now Dr. Peter and Ms. Allman could truly expand on their goal of providing an integrated education curriculum both in and out of the classroom. The new facility also featured a Teacher Training Institute to provide educators across the state an inside look at Newmark’s innovative approach to educating a broad spectrum of students.

Nighttime image of newmark school with sunset colors reflecting in the glass, very modern
Newmark Construction
Newmark construction
Newmark construction almost complete
Newmark group ribbon cutting ceremony
New entrance for Newmark Education
State of the art classroom with bright green chairs
modern lunch room
Newmark brand new gymnasium with mascot painted on floor
Newmark sports field
Newmark building at night from the side
Newmark's Outdoor sports field

While students blossomed in the state-of-the-art facility and grounds, Dr. Peter and Ms. Allman were determined to expand on their vision for a structured outdoor learning space.  In 2015, they launched a campaign to build an outdoor recreation space, turf field and sensory walking gardens.  This coveted outdoor space continues to expand with a Remembrance Garden in 2020.   

“Our students truly benefit from connecting with nature; you can actually see a positive physical change take place when they are outside,” said Dr. Peter.

The NextMark Foundation was created in 2017 to support Newmark Education and Teacher Training.  While Teacher Training has been a hallmark of Newmark since inception, a new Online Teacher Training Program on Student Mental Health Issues in the Classroom was launched in 2019, expanding educator training throughout the country.

Today, Newmark serves public and private school students as a New Jersey state-approved private school.  Newmark enrolls 175 students from over 65 school districts in seven NJ counties: Essex, Union, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset and Hunterdon, which represent a varied demographic and socio-economic base.

Great seal of the state of New Jersey

Newmark success continues to be based on a unique teaching model which incorporates a proven method of behavior modification that focuses on structure and relationship connections.  This model has allowed our students to experience the joy of learning and the confidence to continue their education.  Many students go on to prominent universities, county colleges and trade schools or find meaningful employment that allows them to reach their full potential. Which ever path a graduate of Newmark chooses they always know where to call home.

Newmark's History
2001: Newmark K-8 founded by Dr. Regina M. Peter and Ms. Cynthia Allman
2003: Newmark High School opens
2005: Newmark doubles enrollment
2009: Newmark Teacher Training Institute opens
2011: $10 Million Capital Campaign begins
2013: Newmark K-8 and High School move to new state-of-the-art facility in Scotch Plains, NJ
2015: Newmark Outdoor Learning Space breaks ground
2017: Newmark Garden Labyrinth & Walking Paths opens
2017:  Newmark hosts visitors from China and the Specialisterne Foundation
2019: Newmark launches NextMark Online Teacher Training for educators
2020: Newmark featured in Mindfulness Study funded by Kessler Foundation

2020-21: Newmark provides onsite learning Sept-Jun in midst of COVID-19

2022: Newmark hosts Official Alumni  Fall Visit

2023: Newmark rolls out Prism VR to middle and high school students to introduce a new paradigm to learn math and science

2024: Newmark Holds first-ever World's Fair


“What I truly like and respect about the education profession is the willingness to share information about what works for students. Having the online course allows many other educators the opportunity to learn from our experience.  We want to shout it from the roof tops.”

Ms. Allman, Executive Director

“Our students truly benefit from connecting with nature; you can actually see a positive physical change take place when they are outside.” 


Dr. Peter, Executive Director
students signing a beam prior to construction of new building