What To Expect At ESY - COVID-19 Safety Protocols

If your child is attending Newmark's Extended School Year (ESY) this July, please note the following safety protocols based on NJ Department of Health Guidelines that we have in place at Newmark:

  • Daily Wellness Screening: Every morning during ESY, you will receive an email and text reminder to complete your child's daily Wellness Screening Form BEFORE 8:00 AM.  Any student with positive symptoms will not be allowed at school.
  • Mask Wearing and Close Contact Procedures: At this time, mask wearing is optional for students and staff at Newmark.  Masks will still be required for staff and students for the following reasons: 
    • A student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID 19 will need to remain out of school for 5 full days and wear a KN95 mask for days 6-10 upon return to school. They will also eat at a single table at lunch time through the remaining quarantine. 
    •  A student or staff member was exposed to COVID 19 and considered a close contact (i.e. household active COVID case or close contact exposure in or out of school), and MUST wear a KN95 mask in school for 5 days. They will also eat at a single table at lunch time.  The NJ Department of Health recommends testing at Day 5 if they have no symptoms. If they have symptoms then testing should be done at the sign of initial symptoms. 
    • Newmark is NOT requiring testing unless your child has symptoms. The test results can be sent to Nurse Carroll at ecarroll@newmarkeducation.com or covid@newmarkeducation.com.   If your child has symptoms, they should not attend school until the test results are confirmed and sent to Nurse Carroll.
    • If any of the above occur, covid@newmarkeducation.com should be immediately contacted.
  • My teen is fully vaccinated. Who do I contact at Newmark?  if your teen is fully vaccinated, please send a copy of your child's Vaccination card to
    covid@newmarkeducation.com so their vaccination card on file with the nurse can be updated. If you have already sent your child's vaccine card to Newmark, there is no need to send again.

If you have any questions, please feel free reach to covid@newmarkeducation.com or contact Nurse Carroll directly at ecarroll@newmarkeducation.com 


VIEW COVID-19 FAQ for more information