Summer 2024 Reading Program for Newmark K-8 Student

Summer 2024 Reading Program for Newmark K-8 Student

This year, ALL Newmark K-8 students, regardless of their participation in ESY, are required to choose at least one book from the provided K-8 reading list on our website by author Cynthia Lord. 

  • Students who are attending ESY will have their book in advance, and it will be available in their classrooms on the first day of ESY.
  • Students who are not attending ESY can purchase their own book from any preferred bookstore.

Students will have the opportunity to meet Ms. Lord at Newmark School on Wednesday, October 23, 2024, to conduct a workshop for all our K-8 students. In the first few weeks of the school year, students will have the assignment to write a letter to Ms. Lord, reflecting on their personal connection with the book they chose to read over the summer.

Select child's grade level for the 2024-25 ESY/School ("rising grade") and have your child bring the book on the first day of school.

Learn More and View Summer 2024 K-8 Reading List