Newmark K-8 Students Earn PINs For 1st Marking Period

Newmark K-8 Students Earn PINs For 1st Marking Period

The Counseling Team at Newmark K-8 award Community Connections PINS for the 1st Marking Period last week at the K-8 Awards Ceremony.

Students earned individual recognition for demonstrating personal and social growth by participating in a personally meaningful community-based experience. 

YEDIDYAH A. - Yedidyah has shot for the goal as he participated in his town’s soccer club this year, playing multiple positions and even volunteering to play as goalie. He also showed his excellent team skills and good sportsmanship by leading the team cheer before games as well as encouraging and praising his teammates.

DOUGLAS I. - Doug has remained active this year. He’s beaten the busser and shot on net participated in the Wolves Basketball spring program and has taken it to the goal as he’s been part of the Scotch Plains-Fanwood fall soccer recreation program.

JULIANNA L. - Julianna has shown her commitment to form as she has begun her third year of gymnastics, where she participates in three weekly sessions and displays both her love for the sport and her willingness to participate patiently alongside her peers. She is also a member of her Girl Scouts troop, where she will participate in a variety of community projects this year.

CONNOR L. - Conner has engaged his creative mind, participating in an art class focused on comic creation where he created his very own comic book. He has also dedicated himself to his swim lessons, where he not only continued to perfect the strokes he already learned but also added in the breast stroke and butterfly stroke as well as began working on diving and underwater stamina.

OLIVER M.L. - Oliver has been quite the busy bee with a variety of activities. He has completed his second year at his local dojo, where he has displayed growth, discipline and teamwork. He has also shown his caring heart by participating at Reach Out and Read of Greater New York, where he helped to hand out flyers and literacy materials to families in Brooklyn. Finally, Oliver has completed a summer coding camp, where he achieved mastery in Minecraft coding skills.

SIENNA O. - Sienna has continued to show outstanding discipline in her martial arts class, where she moved up to the intermediate belts with first her purple belt and now her blue belt; this has meant Sienna is now working with more advanced moves and increased memorization, but she is determined to meet each challenge and move on to the advanced belts.

VED P. - Ved has hit the books and completed the Kumon Reading program, earning his Diploma in Reading over the summer.

GABRIEL S. - Gabe has served a great match, participating in tennis lessons where he’s improving his backhand and building an even greater love for the sport. He has also been attending his 4th grade Catechism each week, where he displays great growth as well as excellent Active Listener skills.

NATHAN W. - Nate showed his dedication and determination as part of the team in his flag football team, taking disappointing games in stride and remaining a source of encouragement for his teammates to help them through.

ALTEN W. Alten has shot for the goal with the completion of his fall season with Moutainside’s travel soccer team, where he’s worked on his endurance and learned to prevent injuries, kept calm when dealing with frustrations among the team and displayed incredible commitment.

BENJAMIN Y. - Ben has been an active member of his Cub Scout pack, where he is currently a raising Bear Scout. With his pack, he has participated in events such as hikes, fundraisers like the fall popcorn sale, the Pinewood derby, and the fall and spring campouts, and he is always eager to help with brainstorming for Den activities, attendance- and record-keeping, and set-up.

NOAH C. - Noah was a valuable part of the team in his Pop Warner football season this year; not only was this Noah’s fifth year with the team but it was also the team’s fifth consecutive North Jersey regional championship victory. Noah has been a versatile member of the team as both an offensive and defensive lineman, and his defensive prowess was instrumental in keeping opposing teams to only three touchdowns the entire season. Off the field, he also helped rally his teammates with his motivation and positivity, whether cheering them on or offering high-fives and handshakes.

MASON G. - Mason has been dedicated and determined in his mixed martial arts, where he has earned his brown belt, and in his adult jujutsu classes, where he has shown progress and success against the older class members. He has also volunteered with his Boy Scout troop to support the Madison Historic Hillside Cemetery.

SEAN M. - Sean has been dedicated to expanding his horizons, taking it upon himself to learn the Indonesian language and expanding his passion for world history, geography and cultures.

ANTHONY R. - Anthony showed off his kind and caring heart, working alongside his church to help people in need at nursing homes, the YMCA, childcare centers and safe havens work women and children who have been affected by domestic violence. He has also shown his musical prowess, performing in his fourth gig with his school band on the piano and bass guitar.