Newmark K-8 PIN Ceremony for 4th Quarter

Newmark K-8 PIN Ceremony for 4th Quarter


Newmark K-8 School held our fourth marking period Community Connections PIN Program ceremony today and celebrated 22 recipients.  We are so proud of their many accomplishments!!


2023-2024 School Year
K-8 PIN Ceremony
Middle School
Fourth Quarter

Ryan has shown great dedication and diligence as he has earned his second-degree level 2 black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has also planted seeds of hope as he assisted in prepping his church’s garden for the season, showing excellent work ethic toward a garden that donates its produce to Helping Hands in Chatham.

Mason has continued to improve and show mastery in his mixed martial arts class, where he has earned his red and black belt; that display of discipline has also extended into his Brazilian Jujitsu classes, where he has earned his fourth stripe. Finally, Mason has also offered compassion as he volunteered for community work at the Boy Scouts food drive.

Henry’s conscientious attention to detail has helped keep the Madison Junior School All City Band on beat as Henry participated in the percussion section on the bass drum, cymbals and wind chimes for all of their rehearsals and performance.

Hank has the heart of a true Boy Scout, where he is working on achieving his 1st Class; in the process of this, Hank has gotten his emergency preparedness and history requirement while actively attending all meetings.



2023-2024 School Year
K-8 PIN Ceremony
Elementary School
Fourth Quarter

Yedidyah has shown great commitment and control on the court through his basketball clinic, and he has shown compassion and support to encourage his sister through her dance classes

Caden and Liam both participated in the Kids’ Spartan Race, where they had to run 1 mile uphill and through obstacles, supporting each other as friendly competitors to both reach the finish.

Stephen’s kind heart has come out in full force as he eagerly cheers up those in need; in particular, he has continuously extended that kindness toward his grandparents to bring them good cheer. He also showed great dedication in helping to prepare for Staff Appreciation Week by planting flowers into cups and decorating them.

Ella has been challenging herself and makings waves with her swim team, where she earned first place twice in her last meet. She hasn’t stopped there for her physical prowess, however, as she has also joined lacrosse this spring, where she consistently embodies playing hard by giving her all. Finally, she has displayed tremendous kindness as she volunteered at a jewelry sale with proceeds going toward the Make a Wish foundation.

Thomas has shown great compassion as he has volunteered with his church to organize a lemonade stand and donate the money earned to a local homeless shelter. He has also made and delivered cards for those living in the shelter, where he not only delivered the cards but sat and talked with them as well as helped distribute food and clean up.

Saafir has been thriving in the ring for his boxing class, where he is learning to cultivate resilience and mental fortitude as he navigates the challenges of the sport.

Julianna is hitting it out of the park as she has begun playing softball, dedicating herself to practices and games where she has been building her social skills with her teammates as well as her focus to both catch and hit the ball.

Orondé has brought his creativity to life by participating in a Visual Performing Arts program, where he has gained advanced drawing techniques, an understanding of optical illusions and 3D visualization, storytelling and character development, and problem-solving and logical thinking skills through classes such as 3D Art Creation and Graphic Arts.

Kai has been a dedicated member of his local Cub Scouts, where he has learned a lot about community service and diligence through volunteerism and a second-place finish at his den’s Pinewood Derby. He has also engaged his faith as he has celebrated his first Communion this year.

Oliver has once again shown the depth of his character through volunteering with the Reach Out and Read of Greater New York’s literacy day, where he helped set up tables of books, handed out flyers and encouraged other children to read with their parents.

Amy has shown tremendous personal growth through equine therapy, where she has learned the proper technique for riding and caring for horses as well as developed her social skills with her instructor.

Sienna built on the interest of her purchase of a skateboard at the school store to begin actively participating in the sport, breezing through the basics and learning a number of different jumps and tricks on intermediate and advanced ramps.

Cole has shown his skills on the court as he has participated on the Scotch Plains recreational basketball team, building his skill and showing patience and restraint to become a true team player.

Caleb is serving it past the net as he has dedicated himself to his tennis lessons and has also run it down the field through his flag football team, showing great grit and determination.

There’s nothing but net for Braedan, who has been a part of Hanover’s Recreation Basketball team, where he attended all practices and games, scored several baskets and earned a certificate. Braedan is also hitting it out of the park as he has also joined Hanover Township’s Little League, showing that same dedication and determination for his baseball practices and games.

Alten’s got his eye on the goal as he has participated on the Spring Mountainside Travel Soccer Team, working to build relationships with new teammates and diligently dedicating himself to the sport.

Ben has shown his prowess at the Special Olympics NJ, where he used his calming strategies to control any anxiety, completed practices and races, and went on to receive two gold medals at the sectional swim meet.