NWEA Testing Begins Mon, May 23
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Newmark students take the NWEA Tests each fall, winter and spring.  Spring testing will begin the week of May 23, 2022.

The NWEA MAP Test (Measures of Academic Progress) is an adaptive achievement and growth test. It creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student's learning level—precisely measuring progress and growth for each individual student.

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Newmark Takes 2nd Place in Track & Field Meet
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This week, five schools met at Oak Ridge Park in Clark, NJ to participate in the 9th annual NJNCAA Track and Field Meet sponsored by Newmark High School. High school runners, jumpers and throwers took advantage of the good weather conditions to put their athletic skills on display.  Newmark High School had a few stand out performers during the days competition, including Jordan R. and Gabe L.

Newmark finished in 2nd place for the day.  Congratulations to all of the Newmark High School athletes!

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Going Back For Seconds
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This month, Newmark High School students in the Spanish II class took not one, but two field trips to Iberia Restaurant in the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ. The trips were a culmination of a year long project that saw Spanish II students research different Spanish cultures, act as travel agents for Central and Southern American countries, and visit Hispanic countries on virtual field trips using Google Earth.

And while there are benefits to all of this research with computers, there’s something added by actually experiencing the culture face-to-face in real-time. “We wanted to encourage our World Language students to immerse themselves in the culture as best as possible ." Bruce DiBisceglie, a Spanish teacher, explains. “As a Latino myself, I’ve found that Iberia Restaurant is the best authentic representation of the true Portuguese, Ecuadorian, and Brazilian cultures.”

On May 17, Mr. DiBisceglie and Ms. Zucker took HR 208 to Iberia for this eye-opening experience. The students immediately took note of the architecture, which was castle-like, the building, and the décor, which looked like a page from a Spanish history book. The class ate outside in a courtyard and was welcomed by the Iberia staff who assisted Mr. D and Ms. Zucker in the education of the students. The waiters communicated with the students primarily in Spanish, but supported them with English as needed. The teachers were impressed with the level of interaction that the Newmark students were able to utilize. The highlight of the day was surely the food, which was cooked to perfection in the true Spanish tradition. The top choices were plato de cubos de carne, camarones en Salsa de Ajo, and even a bit of flan. Flamenco music filled the courtyard as the students and teachers danced until they had to leave.

Then, the following day, Newmark returned with Mrs. Lisman and HR 207 for a second round of deep-diving into Hispanic culture and communication. Once again, the staff at Iberia were consummate hosts as they impressed the Newmark students with their restaurant, décor, and cuisine. Once again, the top choice was plato de cubos de carne, closely followed by pechuga de pollo a la parrilla. Newmark students again did well with communicating in Spanish. The level of hospitality by Iberia was matched by the level of respect that the Newmark students displayed.

All in all, both trips were highly successful as they met the lesson objectives while providing an enjoyable, delicious experience; one that was the culmination of nine months of learning.


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