Our Mission

Newmark is committed to the academic and personal success for students living with behavioral disorders and disabilities.  By immersing students in a highly structured atmosphere, learning becomes their responsibility.  The foundation of every student’s achievement is an individually tailored curriculum that infuses coursework with technology and social skills.  Academics are enhanced by developing pro-social student behaviors and teaching responsible decision-making in a sensitive, compassionate and nurturing environment.

Parent Testimonial 2017-1

Newmark has changed our life and this is not an exaggeration.  We never dreamed our son would find a school he genuinely looks forward to going to each day.  A place that supports his individual needs in a loving but firm manner and gives all of the academic challenges, extra-curricular activities, field trips and other special things that all students deserve at school.  Thank you Newmark and all who work there.

Newmark Parent 

Parent Testimonial 2015-1

Newmark has a unique and creative teaching style, an extraordinary amount of love, caring and respect for both the kids and their parents.  Newmark is simply outstanding and I no longer feel like I am alone.  They are like a second family.  No words can express how grateful I am that my son is attending school here, learning and thriving!

-Newmark Parent