SY 2019-20 Forms

2019-20 School Forms

New for 2019!
  • School Packets will not be mailed home this year
  • If your child will be starting Newmark in the fall, check your email for important notification about School Forms and important information on July 22, 2019.
All School Forms will be available on your MyNewmark Parent Portal on July 22, 2019 for easy online submission.  All School Forms must be completed and submitted by Friday, August 16, 2019. It is essential that we have the requested forms completed before the start of Fall SY in order to be prepared for our students.

If your child is attending ESY and you already completed the 2019-20 ESY School Forms, you do not need to complete new forms for the fall.  

School Year (SY) CHECKLIST
To help you and your child prepare for the upcoming 2019-20 School Year beginning in the fall, please be sure to complete all the steps listed below:
1. Review the 2019-20 Newmark K-8 or High School Parent & Student Handbook (view under School Resources on your MyNewmark Parent Portal).
2. New! Complete and Submit Online School Forms on your MyNewmark Parent Portal:
  •     Parent & Student Handbook Acknowledgment
  •     Emergency Contact Information
  •     Profile Update
  •     Approved Pick-Up
  •     Medical History
  •     School Directory Consent
  •     Image Consent
  •     Multipurpose Consent
  •     After School Consent & Liability Waiver
  •     Outside Providers Contact
          Access your MyNewmark Parent Portal

3. Complete Medication Release Form with Physican signature (if applicable).
4. Review and set up your Honeywell Instant Alert Account -  The Honeywell System alerts families via mobile phone, home phone, text and or email about any school safety issues, including closings or delays during the year.  Login to to set up your Honeywell account after August 14, 2019. 
5. Review September Lunch Menu and 2019-20 School Year Calendar:

  •     K-8 September 2019 Lunch Menu - View  / New! Order Meal Packs by Credit Card
  •     K-8 School Year 2019-20 Calendar - View
  •     NHS September 2019 Lunch Menu - View / New!  Order Meal Packs by Credit Card
  •     NHS School Year 2019-20 Calendar - View

6. Review and submit Free Lunch Application (if applicable).

DEADLINE: Friday, August 16, 2019

**NOTE: If you have already completed the 2019-20 ESY School Forms,
you do not need to complete new forms!
NEW! All 2019-20 School Forms must be submitted online via your MyNewmark Parent Portal except for the Medication Release Form which must be signed by your Physician and returned to the Main Office.

Deadline: For Students begining in Fall 2019 - Friday, August 16, 2019

Questions? Contact: Newmark Main Office 908-753-0330