2021 Holiday Fund

Happy Holidays

Thank A Teacher This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many families express an interest in thanking the staff at Newmark K-8 and High School who work with their children. 

With so many wonderful staff members, the thought of providing a gift for all was a bit daunting.  As a result, the Newmark Holiday Appeal was created. Now parents simply donate in honor of the staff member(s) they wished to recognize by name.  It's become a Newmark tradition.


This Year...

If you choose to donate to the Newmark Holiday Fund, these monies support teachers in planning creative and innovative projects for students. Please include a message so that we can share with the recipient on your behalf.  If you choose this option, the Holiday Fund ends Friday, December 17, 2021.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Make a donation by credit card to the Newmark Holiday Fund and honor a teacher or staff member(s) with a special message.
  • Make a donation by check payable to NextMark Foundation and return the Holiday Acknowledgement Form to Newmark.
  • Send your child’s teacher a simple personal “thank you note” or picture from your child.


From our “family” to yours, thank you and Happy Holidays!

Here’s how you can participate: