Art Show 2022

Nwemark High School students displaying their artwork in progress.

Newmark’s Annual Art Show is Back ... In Person!

For many of our students, the Newmark arts program is what makes the educational process come alive.  It is a culmination of all areas of studies, expressed in a medium that teaches young people to take chances, effort is rewarded and execution matters.  This is the fabric of life at Newmark and with your support we will continue to develop and offer our young people these amazing opportunities to fully realize their own personal potential.

In past years we celebrated with an annual Spring Art Show for friends and family to showcase the amazing student artwork—albeit virtually in 2021 and 2020.  This year continues to be challenging as we work hard to keep the Newmark school building open, and all of our students and staff safe.   

But we miss you!  This year we are inviting parents back into the building as we Celebrate The Arts at Newmark – live and onsite!  To help keep everyone safe, we will be scheduling parent visits at specific morning and afternoon times on Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13, 2022.  There will be no ticket fee to attend.   Registration details and safety protocols are coming soon. 

We need your help! The annual Art Show is Newmark’s marque spring fundraiser.  To keep the Arts Program flourishing, we need your help to raise $30,000 for to offer innovative art mediums for our student throughout the year.

How You Can Help:   

  •         Become an Art Show sponsor
  •         Ask your company, friends or family to be an Art Show sponsor
  •         Send your child an Artist Shout Out  
  •         Support the Arts at Newmark with a donation

Ad deadline extended to: Thursday, April 14, 2022

"My favorite part about the art program at Newmark High School is that it lets me freely express myself in my own way.  I really like the Outsider Art genre and similar genres because it has less intricate details. One of the best things about making art is that it calms me and reduces my anxiety."

- Christopher H., NHS Student  


A very special thank you to our generous sponsors who made this Art Show possible!



D'Annunzio Family Foundation, Inc.
The Nussbaum Family


CURATOR - $2,500

Kimberly & Milwood Hobbs, Jr.
Laser + Skin Institute



First Republic Bank
Family of Collette Higgins
Kessler Foundation



Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C.
Cates Electric Corporation
The Chillemi Family
Cullari Carrico LLC
The Kendis Family
The Peter Family
The Sullivan Family


ARTISAN - $250

Giangrante Family
Growing Through Speech, LLC
Jammin Jenn Music Therapy for Children LLC
JCC of Central NJ
The McCulloch Family
The Miele Family
Ratiner Speech and Language Therapy Services, LLC
The Stentebjerg-Olesen Family
Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler

 “The arts are a central component to the development of a human spirit.  It allows our students to creatively express their personal insights, expand their perspective and critically think about the world in which we live.  Our students need this form of education now, perhaps more than ever before.”

- Cynthia Allman, Executive Director  

Newmark Celebrates the Arts graphic


Art Show


K-8 School: Thursday, May 12, 2022

9:00-10:30 AM - If your child is in Ms. Fagan/Ms. Halma, Ms. McCarty, Mrs. Necci or Mr. Cebula's class

12:30-1:50 PM - If your child is in Mrs. Arnao, Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Mastrogiovanni or Ms. Pantano's class

NHS: Friday, May 13, 2022

9:00-10:30 AM - If your teen is a Freshman or Sophomore

12:30-1:50 PM - If your teen is a Junior or Senior



Help Support the Arts at Newmark! 
Consider a donation to help fund art projects, remote learning green screen equipment, class trips to live theater, 3D printing and more!