Annual Fund Donors - 2020

In recognition of all the Newmark families and friends who so generously donated to the 2020 Newmark Annual Fund.

Family of Julie Abrams

David Adamut

Marek Alban

Cynthia Allman

Altschul Family

Elias Alvarez

Vera L. Argenal


Arosemena Family

Asch Family

The Avidon Family

Joshua Barbero

Barritta Family

Susan Barry

Leeann Bartushak

Jamie Bartushak

Matthew Berman Family

Greg Bikofsky and Heather Cook

Lisa and Parker Bronson

Brugger Family

Matthew Campbell

Cannizzo Family

The Carroll Family

Milan Connolly

Leon and Toby Cooperman  Family Foundation

D'Annunzio Family Foundation

Angela D'Costa

Delmonaco Family

Dewar Family

DiAndrea Family

DiBisceglie Family

DiPiazza Family

Duggan Family

The Eldridge's

Andy Errico-Huttler and Family

Esposito Family

Colleen Fagan

Team Noah

Feigenbaum Family

Chase Frauwirth

Tommy Friedman

Daniel Friedman

Melinda Fritz

Alexander Gabriel

The Gabriele Family

Gagnon Family

Cathleen George

The Giangrante Family


Glastal Family

Goldstein / Couillard Family

Randi and Eric Goldstein

Marsha and Phil Goldwasser

Sophie Gottlieb

Amy Gradley

Greaves Family

Michael Greenman

Ann Gregory

Linxia Guo and Wei Guan

Hahne Family

Suzanne Hartman

Ali and Drew Headley

Matt and Sarah Higgins

The Hobbs Family

Hopkins Family

Jonathan and Alice Hove

Lisa and Timothy Hurckes

Hurford Family

Inguanzo Family

Margaret Hansen-Jain

Henry Kantor

The Kantor Family

The Kendis Family

Kathy Kennedy

The Kim Family

The Kircher Family

Jacob Gottfried and Family

The Knepfer Family

Scott Kochman

Drilona Koleci

The Leishers

The Lentzner Family

Leo Family

Sharon Lisman

Robert and Lillian Lockery

Russell Lombardy

The Lum Family

Macaluso Family

Layla Marin

Dustin Markey

Anna Marucci

Susan McCulloch

Stephanie and Jeffrey McGowan

Melchiorre Family

Meola Family

The Miele Family

Aidan Morrone

Murphy Family

Susan, Jim and Alex Myers

The Narcisi Family

Eddie and Jessica Necci

Needham Family

Nichols Family

Niewinski Family

Griffin Nobile

Nobile Family

The Nussbaum Family

Jim and Judy O'Brien

The Ortiz Family

Kate Osiadacz

The Palmieri Family

Jamie Pastrano

Himanshu Patel

The Pearsons

The Peter and McCreesh Family

Tanya Pierce

Todd A. Plitt

Brian and Ning Pollak

June Pollak-Wallace

Rannazzisi Family

Ranney Family

Sharon Ratiner

Deven Rausch

Revaitis Family

The Rokes Family

Beth Ross

Dennis Sansiveri

Daniel Schroeck

Pranav Shankar

Bruce A. Shapiro and Family

Harrison Shumofsky

The Slass Family

Slavin Family

Ian Sluke

Nicholas Smith

Gavin Smith

Jay and Amy Soroko

The Stentebjerg-Olesen Family

Melissa Stevens

The Sullivan Family

Sutorius Family

Cate Tafur

Kary Thompson

Will Travis

Valentine Family

VanDenHende Family

Venturelli Family

The Vierschilling Family

Aiden Villar

Edgar and Alexandra Villegas

Sandra Vollero-Levy

Volpone Family

The Waldron Family

Wallin Family

Joseph R. Wallin

Wartenberg Family

Family of Yair White

Julian Wholley

Cynthia Wilson

Jim Withum

Laurene and Howard Wolf

Kristen Zucker

The Zucker Family

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