Annual Fund Donors - 2021

In recognition of all the Newmark families and friends who so generously donated to the 2021 Newmark Annual Fund.

Julie Abrams and Family

Adamut Family

The Alban Family

Cynthia Allman

Altschul Family

Elias Alvarez

Marc and Meg Anderson


Trevor Arnstein

Arosemena Family

Lillian Asante

Avidon Family

Barbero Family

George and Val Boczon

Borea Family

Lisa Breslauer

David Bronson & Family

Bronson Family

The Brugger Family

Collins Family

Cannizzo Family

Barbara and Ron Chillemi

D'Annunzio Family Foundation

Tiran, Jacqui and Finn Dagan

Delmonaco Family

The DiBisceglie Family

Stephen & Aimee Dolinac

Donoghue Family

Douglas Family

The Duggan Family

Durko Family

Andy Errico-Huttler & Family

Esposito Family

Colleen Fagan

Team Noah

Myles Fitzpatrick

Chase Frauwirth

Alexander Gabriel

Peter Gagnon

Cathleen George

Giangrante Family

Glastal Family

Julia and Charlie Goldstein

Marsha and Philip Goldwasser

Sophie Gottlieb

Lucas Greaves

Jason Guan

The Guenther Family

Hahne-Lum Family

Dakota Halma

Headley Family

Collette Higgins

Hobbs Family

Inguanzo Family

Insync Outsourcing Corp

Jain Family

Jammin Jenn Music Therapy

   for Children LLC

Henry Kantor

Kendis Family

Kenjorski Family

Kim Family

The Knepfer Family

Scott Kochman

Linda Krutal

Family of Kai Leisher

Ljubicich & McCall Family

McCarthy-Lippin Family

Macaluso Family

Mackta-Smith Family

Mannion Family

Marin Family

Dustin Markey

Marsh Family

Chloe McCulloch

Meola Family

Miele Family

The Monat Family

Morgan Family

Aidan Morrone

Tishun Myers

Susan, Jim and Alex Myers

The Narcisi Family

Jack Needham

Nichols Family

Niewinski Family

Nussbaum Family

The Ortiz Family

Pastrano Family

Ved Patel

The Peter and McCreesh Family

Arthur Peter

Tanya Pierce

Brian and Ning Pollak

Pollak Family

Matt Porter

Max Pressman

Rannazzisi Family

Ranney Family

Sharon Ratiner

Deven Rausch

Teresa and Kenneth Reilly

Revaitis Family

Rizzo Family

The Rokes Family

Beth Ross

Sagarese Family

Saitz Family

Anthony William Sansiveri

Daniel Schroeck

Pranav Shankar

Monica Shannon

Bruce, Eric and Brian Shapiro

Tyler Slavin

The Sloan Family

Ian Sluke

Smith Family

Gavin Smith

Soroko Family

The Stentebjerg-Olesen Family

The Sullivan Family

Tony and Sheri Suozzo

Sutorius Family

Natalie and Ed Swiatek

Jonas Switzer

Cate Tafur

James and Flor de Maria Thomas

Ryan Thomas

Thompson Family

Jagger Tracy-Enderle

Valentine Family

Vierschilling Family

Aiden Villar

Sandra Vollero-Levy

Volpone Family

Waldron Family

June Pollak Wallace

Joseph R. Wallin

Zach and Marle Watts

Wei Family

David Wholley and Mary O'Crowley

Cyndi Wilson

Jim Withum

Carly Wolf

The Zucker Family

Kristen Zucker

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