Annual Fund Donors 2018

We are grateful to all the Newmark families and friends who so generously supported the 2018 Newmark Annual Fund. These funds support important social skills-building activities for Newmark K-8 and High School students.

Alban Family
Cynthia Allman
Altschul Family
Judi Armus
Lauren Arnao
Dan and Hannah Arnstein
Omar Arosemena
Asch Family
The Avidon Family
Barbero Family
Alicia Barker
Jamie Bartushak
Leeann Bartushak
Caryn Berman
Bikofsky/Cook Family
Boczon Family
Gina M. Borea
Brugger Family
Burghardt Family
Team Noah
Campbell Family
Alexander Castro
Collins Family
Keira Cosgrove
Cunha Family
Mia Cuhna
D'Annunzio Family Foundation
Delmonaco Family
DiAndrea Family
Susan Diana
Bruce, Tim, Kathy & Liz DiBisceglie
Kimberly DiDonato
Jodi DiPiazza
Dolinac Family
Pam and Mike Donoghue
Eberle Family
The Eldridge Family
Andy Errico-Huttler
Espinosa Family
Esposito Family
Colleen Fagan
The Feigenbaum Family
Jack Feigenbaum
Fernandez Family
Figliano Family
Jay Fisher
Flaim Family
Chase Frauwirth
Tommy Friedman
Alexander Gabriel
Gagnon Family
Cathleen George
Germosen-Byers Family
Giangrante Family
Glastal Family
Goldwasser Family
Jacob Gottfried
Gradley Family
Suzanne Hartman
Hausle Family
The Higgins Family
The Hobbs Family
Hoffman Family
Hopkins Family
Jonathan and Alice Hove
Lisa and Tim Hurckes
Insync Outsourcing Corp
The Kantor Family
Henry Kantor
Kendis Family
Kathy Kennedy
The Kim Family
Kircher Family
Elisha and Marty Klein
Klockner Family
Klymchuk Family
Scott Kochman
The Kral Family
Leisher Family
The Lentzner Family
Leo Family
Michele and Michael Leoni
Lombardy Family
The Macaluso Family
Debra Mahler
Layla Marin
Dustin Markey
Seth Marx
Karen Matrunich
Michele McCarty
Pamela McCreesh
The McCulloch Family
Melchiorre Family
Meola Family
The Miele Family
Christine and Richard Miller
Monfleury Family
The Moos Family
Morrone Family
Nadene Murphy
The Myers Family
Needham Family
The Nobile Family
Kester Olivo
Pacetti Family
Joseph and Kimberly Palmieri
Pappas Family
Pastrano Family
Pearson Family
Dr. Regina M. Peter
Kenneth Platt
Porter Family
Ratiner Speech and Language
   Therapy Services
Rachel and Evan Reed
Revaitis Family
Katherine Richardson
Romano/West Family
Rossi Family
Anthony Sansiveri
Pranav Shankar
Monica Shannon
Bruce, Susan, Eric and Brian Shapiro
Shields Family
The Shumofsky Family
Elana Silverstein
Caleb Simon
Slavin/Klun Family
Gavin Smith
Gara M. Sommers, MD
Soroko Family
Abby and Neil Stacy
The Stentebjerg-Olesen Family
Sullivan Family
Anthony and Sherri Suozzo
Cate Tafur
Thompson Family
Francisco Torres
William Travis
Van Den Hende Family
Varsos Family
The Vierschilling Family
Villegas Family
Sandra Vollero-Levy
Volpone Family
Volynets Family
Waldron Family
Wallin Family
The Walsh Family
Deborah Wenk
Marie West
Ann-Sheryl and Steven White
David Wholley and Mary O'Crowley
Withum Family
Howard and Laurene Wolf
Wurst Family
Kristen Zucker
The Zucker Family