Newmark High School offers a variety of After School Clubs and Programs to meet the age, interests and needs of our students.  Activities are offered quarterly with each session running approximately 6-8 weeks.

Art Portfolio is an invite-only Program designed to prepare student portfolios for Art School.  Fencing is a specialized Program taught by professional fencing coaches.  Clubs and Programs meet immediately after school and run until 4:00 PM with the exception of Fencing which is a one hour Program ending at 3:15 PM.  Parent pick-up is required in order to have your teen participate in the After School program.  Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

Session I Registration opens on August 24, 2018. Registration forms will be posted in August

2018-2019 Session Dates
Session I: September 17-November 7, 2018
Session II: November 26, 2018-January 24, 2019
Session III: February 4-March 28, 2019
Session IV: April 8-May 23, 2019

Preview 2018-2019 NHS Clubs Brochure