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Attend a Newmark Workshop

As part of Newmark’s ongoing outreach for parents, educators and community members, we offer training workshops throughout the school year.

Topics include:

Shaping Behavior Transition
Financial Planning Technology

2024-25 Transition Workshops .... Coming Soon!



Middle & High School Parent Transition Workshop: Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - VIRTUAL

"Accessing Adult Services"
6:30  PM VIRTUAL - Recommended for Middle and High School Newmark Parents

Hosted and presented by Hinkle, Prior & Fischer, P.C., Attorneys at Law

Attendees will learn how to navigate the service delivery system for adults with developmental disabilities, including applying for eligibility from the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and completing the New Jersey Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJCAT), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Medicaid.  The attorney will also discuss securing day and residential services from DDD after age 21 when the entitlement to special education ends, and programs offered through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS).  The attorney will present emerging information on New Jersey’s ever-changing system of adult services, including “fee-for-service” and the growing role of Medicaid eligibility and waivers.


 A Zoom meeting link will be sent after registration from Hinkle, Prior & Fischer, P.C


NHS Parent Transition Workshop: Wednesday, January 24, 2024

"FAFSA - 2024-25"
7:00 PM onsite at Newmark - Recommended or 11th & 12th Grade Parents

Join us for a special parent Workshop from the NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to learn about the 2024–25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) Form and Application Process.  Attendees will learn how to apply for college financial aid for 7/1/24-6/30/25 school year.  

There have been significant changes in the FAFSA Application Process this so even if you have done this in prior years, this free, hands-on workshop will be beneficial. 


Newmark Parent Transition Workshop: Tuesday, January 30, 2024

"Building Resilience in Our Kids"

Presented by Talia Kovacs, Calm Connected, LLC
Combining her experience as a classroom teacher, literacy consultant, and CEO of LitLife, Talia helps parents 
understand today’s elementary-schoolers and co-create a calm, connected, and resilient home life. 


Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Time: 7:00-8:30 PM

Location: Newmark - 1000 Cellar Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ

Building Resilience in Our Kids: How to equip your teen with the tools to get comfortable making mistakes, develop self-reliance and feel like a great parent in the process!

We are seeing an uptick in our teenagers who are anxious, afraid to make mistakes, and deeply upset when they do. Our kids are refusing to try and shutting down when things get hard.  What's a parent to do?  In this workshop, we rethink the term "resilience" and develop household practices to allow your child to develop the habits of mind to take on any challenge!



NHS Parent Transition Workshop: Wednesday, October 25, 2023

"Family Support Services"
7:00 PM - Onsite at Newmark 

This meeting will help introduce new parents to some of the critical elements of being a Newmark parent and inform you on what you can expect for your son or daughter as they progress through Newmark relative to their academic, social/emotional and transition goals.  This Mandatory New Parent Meeting will be held onsite at Newmark, located at 1000 Cellar Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076. We strongly encourage all parents to attend this session in-person.  

We strongly believe this meeting will help us form a valuable partnership in ensuring the success of your child.




NHS Parent Transition Workshop: Tuesday, November 14, 2023

"Everything Changes When Your Child Turns 18"
7:00 PM - Onsite at Newmark 

Join us for a special presentation on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 by Laurie A. Hauptman, Esq. - Hauptman & Hauptman, P.C. Laurie practices elder, estate and special needs law. She is the Co-Chairperson of the Elder and Disability Law Committee-Essex County Bar Association and a member of the United Way Caregivers Coalition Steering Committee.

Reaching 18 is a milestone. As the parent of a child with special needs, what does that mean for you and your child? Well, for one thing, you can’t legally make decisions for your child any longer – at least not until he or she authorizes you to. A financial power of attorney and a medical health care directive are critical documents that every adult should have. No one sends you a post card on your child’s 18th birthday telling you this. You only find that out when a medical or financial crisis presents itself. And what if you’re not sure if your child has the capacity to understand these concepts? What if he or she can’t live independently and make the numerous decisions that we all, as adults, make each and every day? Well, then maybe a guardianship or a conservatorship is necessary. But, again, until you take obtain power of attorney, medical directive, guardianship or conservatorship, you legally can’t make the decisions you’ve always made, ones that you have always taken for granted.

This is an important crossroad in your child’s life that you must help your child to navigate. Don’t miss this important seminar that can help you decide what is “the right fit” for you and your child as you enter a new phase in your lives together.  

Newmark parents only.  




Who can attend these workshops?

Workshops are open to the community (unless otherwise indicated) and free of charge. Space is limited so please register online or call (908) 753-0330. Workshops will be held at Newmark Education, 1000 Cellar Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076.