Transition Program

The Transition Program is a multi-year process, naturally sequenced to meet the needs of each grade level.  At the High School, the program includes comprehensive guidance and counseling for parents and students to facilitate career awareness and college admissions.       

What to Expect in Elementary School:

  • Consumer Finance: basic budgeting  
  • Lifetime Wellness: sports and healthy lifestyles
  • Field Trips: curriculum enhancement and opportunities to practice shaping behavior skills in typical settings







Participating in HealthyU

What to Expect in Middle School:

  • Consumer Finance: Finance Park and Biz Town - year long program culminates in government and business role playing 
  • Lifetime Wellness: healthy lifestyles, working as team and leadership roles
  • Field Trips: curriculum enhancement, opportunities to practice shaping behavior skills in typical settings and interact with Post Graduates/Upperclassmen
  • 8th Grade: formal transition activities to prepare for High School




Students role playing at BizTown


What to Expect in High School:

  • Transitioning to High School
  • PreACT & ACT instruction and on-site testing
  • Career Assessment Program
  • Community-Based Work Experience
  • Opportunity with professional job coach
  • Structured Learning Experiences
  • College Experience Trips
  • Supportive Post-Secondary Assistance
  • Referral Assistance
  • Life Skills Training for both independent living and dorm life  
  • Post-Graduate (5th Year) Program to bridge skill development for College or Workplace readiness
  • Transition Workshops/Education for parents
  • Parent Resources


Teens and Guardians: Working Papers are Going Digital

Computer monitor

Working Papers applications are now online at Employers hiring teenagers must register online to receive a unique 8-digit code and share that code with every minor they intend to hire. The potential hire can then visit the website to create an account and start their working papers application, entering the employer's unique code. Caregivers must review the details of the job and provide proof of the minor's age. The NJ Department of Labor will notify the business once the application is approved.

Red, white and blue Register to vote message

Each year we celebrate as our Newmark High School students turn 17 years old!  One new responsibility is to register to vote. View Voter Registration Application.

Males aged 18-25 will also need to Register for Selective Service System