School Nurse

               Nurse Carroll at Newmark

Newmark has a full-time school nurse with years of experience caring for school aged children.  As a highly valuable member of the team, the school nurse manages the general health of students, distributes medications and advises on the best practices for good hygiene and healthy nutrition.

In addition to managing daily First Aid, monitoring of student's chronic health needs and dispersing of medication at Newmark, the school nurse is also responsible for the  general health and safety of students and staff.  She oversees the school-wide prevention of communicable disease programs, and isinstrumental in keeping our school safe.

School Nurse At Newmark

  • Supporting Students with Special Needs
  • Promoting Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs for Students and Families
  •  Promoting Employee Wellness
  •  Educating Students, Staff and Families
  • Promoting a Healthy School Environment and School Nursing Practices

2023-24 medical Forms - AS needed


2023-24 Sports PHYSICAL Forms* - Required if participating in sports

School Middle and Newmark High School requires all students participating in athletic activities for the next school year (2023-2024) to have current physical, concussion, sudden cardiac death and opioid use forms on file in the school nurse’s office before a student can participate in any practice or competition.


Additional Medical Form Deadlines -

  • If your child is starting mid-year: Due ASAP

Note: All medical forms or other forms can be submitted to the Main Office


Specific Medical or Health Related Questions:

Contact: Nurse Carroll at 908-753-0330 or


Role of School Nurse

Conducting Health Assessments and Screenings:

  • Prepare sports pre-participation history and physical exam
  • Assess and evaluate students daily medical needs
  • Monitor head injury and student athletes

Meeting the Needs of Students with Chronic Health Conditions:

  • Medication Administration at school
  • Asthma
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Diabetes
  • Lyme Disease
  • Chronic health conditions impacting learning – ADHD, Autism, Seizure Disorder, Cystic Fibrosis, etc.

Documenting Care and Services:

  • Mandated school health records
  • Student health records
  • Individualized Healthcare Plans

Addressing Communicable Diseases in School Setting:

  • The prevention, control and management of Communicable Diseases
  • Immunizations

Nut Allergy Notice

Just a brief reminder that for all students attending Newmark this year, we need to be mindful of food allergies.  For some of our students, any exposure to peanuts, tree nuts (walnuts, pecans, etc.), eggs, red dye and dairy products can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires medical treatment.

Eileen Carroll BSN, RN, CSN

Eileen Carroll BSN, RN, CSN

School Nurse

B.S.N., Seton Hall University College of Nursing

C.S.N., Seton Hall University College of Nursing

Eileen Carroll is the school nurse for Newmark K-8 and Newmark High School. She is responsible for the health and safety of our 180 students as well as over 85 staff members. She provides health screening yearly on all our students as well as their daily medical and emotional needs. Her triage experience keeps everyone here at Newmark feeling safe.

Find out when to keep children from school and other health resources - Learn More


Frequently Asked Questions: Sports Physicals

Do I need a new physical for every sport?

No, physicals are good for 1 year from the date they are completed and signed by the doctor. Health History Update forms are also good for 1 year from the date they are completed and signed  by the parent/guardian.

If my student played a fall sport, do I need to fill anything out for Winter or Spring?

As long as your child's physical was within 365 days of the start of his/her sport, you will only need to complete the Heath History Update form.

Who fills out the form?

Parent/Guardians must complete and sign the Health History Form within 365 days of the sport's start. Your Physician completes the state Sports Physical Form.

What happens if the doctor forgets to sign or fill out the form completely?

Your forms will be returned to you for completion. We cannot accept incomplete forms. Forms can be mailed or emailed to