Our Services

Entrance of Newmark School

Newmark focuses on the needs of our students as well as on the needs of our parents, our districts, teachers and our community through a variety of services.

The cornerstone of each student’s development: an individually tailored, comprehensive academic program with an interactive, technology-infused approach.  

Instructional Design

At Newmark, we believe that counseling plays an important part in developing and reinforcing the behavioral and social skills students need to be successful.


School Nurse safety with hand sanitizer  and face mask
Newmark has a full-time school nurse with years of experience caring for school aged children to manage general health, distribute medication and keep us safe. 

School Nurse

We offer a comprehensive, multi-year transition program for students and parents for life after Newmark.


As part of Related Services, Newmark offers Speech-Language Therapy Services.  


Speech-Language Services

At Newmark, we offer Occupational Therapy onsite as part of Related Services. 


Occupational Therapy

As part of Newmark’s ongoing outreach for parents, educators and community members, we offer training workshops throughout the school year.



Various types of screens from laptop to mobile, Nextmark Teacher Training Program
Capitalize on Newmark Education's expertise. Educators learn how to manage the needs of behaviorally-challenged students in traditional school settings.  

Teacher Training