It’s easy to pre-purchase breakfast and lunch at Newmark K-8 School each month. Flexible 10 and 20 Meal Packs are Available for Breakfast & Lunch. There are a couple of ways to order meal packs; you can download a form and return it to the school with your payment (cash or check) or you can use our online form and pay by check or credit card.


K-8 BREAKFAST ($2.00)

  • Breakfast 10 Pack ($20.00)
  • Breakfast 20 Pack ($40.00)

K-8 LUNCH ($5.50)

  • Lunch 10 Pack ($55.00)
  • Lunch 20 Pack ($110.00)

Reduced and Free meal program also available. Please contact school if you qualify for this programPacks do not expire.

2021-22 School Year: Students can order lunch but it will be served in lunch bags, no buffet lines.

Lunch Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Dec 26
Mon, Dec 27
Tue, Dec 28
Wed, Dec 29
Thu, Dec 30
Fri, Dec 31
Sat, Jan 1


Purchase K-8 Flexible Meal Packs

#1: Order Flexible Meal Packs Online

Parents can order Flexible Meal Packs online with option to pay by credit card or by check payable to Newmark School.

#2: Send Payment with Lunch Form

Parents can also download the monthly menu/order form and return to your child’s teacher with cash or check  payable to Newmark School.