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NHS Halloween Celebration

Newmark High School offers diverse school programs that include community service activities, assemblies, community-based instructional trips, guest speakers, special events and more:

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NHS End of Year 2021


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Newmark School Spirit Week: March 2021

 Each day, all NHS students competed with their homeroom in various events to demonstrate school pride and spirit. 

 All homerooms are designing their own unique poster to celebrate School Spirit Week.  Points for the following events are awarded by the number of students competing in the following themes: Twin Day, Movie/TV/Music Day (Dress up as your favorite movie or TV character), First Semester Academic Awards Assembly, Geek Out Day, Sub Day, School Colors, Breakout Box Challenge, Staff vs. Students Trivia Slam, Variety Show and more. 


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Each year we celebrate as our Newmark High School students turn 17 years old!  One new responsibility is to register to vote. View Voter Registration Application.