NHS Summer 2022 Reading Program

All Newmark High School students are required to participate in the summer reading program.  Books and assignments may vary by reading level.  A detailed Summer Reading packet was mailed home in early June with customized information.

Our summer reading program is designed to give students an opportunity to strengthen their reading comprehension skills.  Each year, students are encouraged to choose a novel that is of high interest with the objective of finding reading enjoyable.  Below is a list of suggested works; however, students may select a book of their choosing.

For Students Attending ESY
The summer during the ESY program, your teen will be assigned a novel based on their Lexile reading level, which connects learners with resource at the right level of reading challenge.

In order to connect learners with resources at the right level of reading challenge, students will select a book based on their Lexile reading range.  Below you will find a Lexile chart that corresponds to your child’s readiness. Students should select a novel based on their expressed interests and Lexile reading level either from the attached works or a novel of their own choosing. Students are required to select one book but are encouraged to read as many as they like.  Please note that widely published novels are written between a Lexile score of 850L – 950L to appeal to a greater audience.  It is more important students enjoy the work they have chosen rather than reading exactly at their Lexile level. This year, books were selected based on genre.

After reading the book, students are required to turn in a text to self-project, character head or a video commercial on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.  The project or review will be graded and counted toward their first quarter English grade.  The text to self-project, character head or video commercial are listed below.  

View List of Recommended Books
View Project Options/Guidelines



Lexile Levels

Grade 25% to 75%
1 Up to 280L
2 230L to 580L
3 360L to 720L
4 480L to 830L
5 620L to 110L
6 690L to 1020L
7 780L to 1090L
8 820L to 1140L
9 880L to 1170L
10 920L to 1200L
11 940L to 1210L
12 950L to 1220L