NHS Summer 2023 Reading Program

Our Newmark High School 2023 Summer Reading Program is designed to give students an opportunity to strengthen their reading comprehension skills. Each year, students are encouraged to choose a novel that is of high interest with the objective of finding reading enjoyable. Students are always encouraged to read as many as they like throughout the summer.

  • ESY Students are required to read one book from the attached list by their grade level.
  • NON-ESY Students are required to select one book from the attached list by their grade level OR a book of their choosing.

In September, students will work on a required assignment in their English class during the first two weeks of school. The project will be graded and counted toward their first quarter English grade. Each student will write a letter to the author based on their connection with the book they read over the summer.

Please have your teen bring in their summer reading book on the first day of school.

View Letter & List of Recommended Books