Independent Practice at Newmark

In our effort to provide the most progressive education to our students, we have replaced "homework" with "independent practice," which studies have shown supports the implementation of strategies that will foster independent learning.   
During the school year, students are given assignments that are to be completed independently at home.  The design of independent practice is to have our students shift their thinking from one of turning in work for a grade to turning in work that will give them the feedback needed to be a more skilled student.

How much IP should my child?
Research recommends “the 10-minute rule” per grade level for all subjects. At Newmark, these will be the maximum time allotments:
1st-4th – 30 minutes; 5-6th – 40 minutes; 7th-8th – 60 minutes; NHS – 120 minutes

IP will not be given over the weekends or long holiday breaks. Students may choose to work on long-term assignments during that time.