2022-23 School Forms

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School Year Form Checklist: 2022-23

Forms Due: ASAP

Instructions: Access and submit your online School Registration Forms via your PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Go to Quick Links and select "2022-23 School Registration Forms".

New Parents: Please be sure to set up your Newmark PowerSchool Parent Portal prior to accessing your school forms.


School year 2022-23 Checklist

(if your child will begin mid-year)





2022-23 Additional medical Forms - AS needed


2022-23 PHYSICAL Forms 


Note: The school nurse will contact you if you need to complete these forms for your child.






What Medical Forms Should I Submit?

It will vary based on your child's medical condition.  For example, if your child has allergies and requires an EPI Pen, you'll need to complete three forms: a Medication Release Form, Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan and EPI Pen Release. 

Note: All medical forms or other forms can be submitted to the

Newmark Main Office
1000 Cellar Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ  07076


General Form Questions: 908-753-0330 or forms@newmarkeducation.com

Specific Medical or Health Related Questions: Contact Nurse Carroll at 908-753-0330 or ecarroll@newmarkeducation.com



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