2023-24 School Forms

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For New and Returning Newmark Parents

School Year Form Checklist: 2023-24

Forms Due:

  • If your student is attending Extended School Year (ESY - July) - Forms must be submitted by Friday, June 16, 2023
  • If your student will begin Fall 2023 - Forms must be submitted by Friday, June 16, 2023

Instructions: Access and submit your online School Registration Forms via your PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Go to Quick Links and select "School Registration Forms (2023-2024)".

New Parents: Please be sure to set up your Newmark PowerSchool Parent Portal account prior to accessing your school forms.



Extended School Year (ESY) July 2023 Checklist

(if your child will be attending ESY):


Due: Friday, 
June 16, 2023

School year (SY) 2023-24 Checklist

(if your child will begin in September 2023)


Due: Friday, 
June 16, 2023


2023-24 Additional medical Forms - as needed for individual students


2023-24 Sports PHYSICAL Forms - Required if student is participating in any newmark sport

Note: The school nurse may contact you if you haven't completed the necessary forms for your child.


Due: September 2023


What Medical Forms Should I Submit?

It will vary based on your child's medical condition.  For example, if your child has allergies and requires an EPI Pen, you'll need to complete three forms: a Medication Release Form, Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan and EPI Pen Release. If you are not sure, please contact the Nurse Carroll at 908-753-0330.

Note: All medical forms or other forms can be submitted to:

Newmark Main Office
1000 Cellar Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ  07076


General Form Questions: 908-753-0330 or forms@newmarkeducation.com

Specific Medical or Health Related Questions: Contact Nurse Carroll at 908-753-0330 or ecarroll@newmarkeducation.com



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