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NHS Food Program - 2024-2025 Extended School Year (ESY) / School Year

You can purchase a Flexible Meal Pack for your teen and pay by credit card.

  • NHS Breakfast: $2.50
  • NHS Lunch: $7.00
  • Pay for month - Select a 10 or 20 Flexible Meal Pack for Lunch and/or Breakfast 
  • Monies roll over each month - Packs do not expire
  • When your child orders a breakfast or lunch, a debit will be made against your existing balance
  • The Food Program Coordinator will notify you when balance is low
  • Due to continued safety protocols, all ordered meals will be served in bags - no buffet line 

All credit card transaction will be charged a $3.00 Convenience Fee. 

Note: If you prefer to pay by check or cash, please submit this form and send check payable to Newmark High School with your child.

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NHS Flexible Meal Packs - 2024-25 ESY / School Year

NHS Breakfast: $2.50​
NHS Lunch: $7.00​​

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